Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  As I sit and write, today, Thanksgiving, I feel I must not fall into let's say, a mood, a way of thinking that I'm prone to, and then  my musings will usually take on that mood.  If I did, this post I'm sure would be dark, for the world in which we live, as Catholics, is a dark place, with he-that-I-will-not-name firmly in control.  No matter.  The Light of Christ's Resurrection still shines bright for those who see.  
  We'll go to my sisters today, where my parents will be, which is a great blessing for us.  Many of my friends' parents are now gone, and as we get older these changes in our lives become more frequent, as aunts and uncles and even close family members leave this life here on earth behind.  H's parents are both gone, and she misses both very much, especially her Mom.  I still have my Mom and Dad and I treat them so shabbily at times it makes me sick.  No matter what I confess at confession I almost always have to add "I did not honor my Mother and Father...".  Lord, how low can I bring myself?  
I complain bitterly about things, even things I have control over, and I still complain!  Backwards, or what?  I'm not big on resolutions at any time of the year, only the slow, often painful, lonely road to Heaven.  I find after these moments that that road is very far away.  Jesus does pick us up every time we fall, but only if we look towards Him, and ask Him for His help.  I fall, and fall, and fall, but unlike before I'm more aware of my place with Him, and  I'm obligated to ask Him for help.  I have heard His Word and I believe, which means I have no choice anymore.  Isn't that beautiful?  No choice but to adore God!  No choice but to ask our Mother for His graces!  No choice but to ask Jesus to tell us the Will of God!  Among all the other people, events, good and bad in my life I must still put God first, and acknowledge Him as the one to be completely and absolutely thankful for for everything that has been my life so far.  And also, to pray for all who have either not heard His Word, or turned from it, to hear again His sweet, quiet call to all of us here on earth, here amongst the weeds. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Just thought I'd share...

The Last Sunday of October

Feast of our Lord Jesus Christ the King

  In his Encyclical of December 11, 1925, H.H. Pius XI denounced the great modern heresy of laicism.  It refuses to recognize the rights of God and His Christ over persons and peoples and organizes the lives of individuals, families and of society itself, as though God did not exist.  This laicism substitutes pride and egoism.  It begets jealousy between individuals, hatred between classes and rivalry between nations. 
  The world denies Christ because it ignores His royal prerogatives.  It must be instructed on this subject.  Now "a yearly feast can attain this end, more effectively than the weightiest documents issued by ecclesiastical authority."  The Holy Father has instituted this new feast to be a public, social and official declaration of the royal rights of Jesus, as God the Creator, to be known and recognized, in a way most suitable to man and to society by the sublimest acts of religion - particularly by Holy Mass.  In fact, the end of the Holy Sacrifice is the acknowledgment of God's complete dominion over us, and our complete dependence on Him.  And this act is accomplished, not only on Calvary but also through the royal priesthood of Jesus which never ceases in His kingdom, which is heaven.  The great reality of Christianity is not a corpse hanging from a cross, but the risen Christ reigning in all the glory of His triumph in the midst of His elect who are His conquest.  And that is why the Mass begins with the finest vision of the Apocalypse where the Lamb of God is acclaimed by angels and saints.
  The Holy Father has expressed his wish that this feast should be celebrated towards the end of the liturgical year, on the last Sunday of October, as the consummation of all the mysteries by which Jesus has established His royal powers and nearly on the eve of All-Saints, where He already realizes them in part in being "the King of kings and the crown of All Saints"; until He shall be the crown of all those on earth whom He saves, especially by the Mass.  It is indeed principally by the Eucharist which is both a sacrifice and a sacrament, that Christ, now in glory assures the results of the victorious sacrifice of Calvary, by taking possession of souls through the application of the merits of His Passion and thereby unites them as members to their head.  The end of the Eucharist, says the Catechism of the Council of Trent, is "to form one sole mystic body of all the faithful" and so to draw them in the cult which Christ, king-adorer, as priest and victim, rendered in a bloody manner on the cross and now renders, in an unbloody manner, on the stone altar of our churches and on the golden altar in heaven, to Christ, king-adored, as Son of God, and to His Father whom He offers these souls.

  (from) The Saint Andrew Daily Missal, 1951

Monday, October 15, 2012

A parting of paths...

Next Tuesday H and I have been called to meet with our fraternity council, concerning our spiritual direction, or, as the e-mail stated, to "discuss where you are and where you are going." 
For us, it is simple.  We are firmly pursuing life as Franciscans by following the Rule of 1221.  This original rule, given by St. Francis to the laity, is basically ignored by the Secular Franciscans of today.  We find that living our lives firmly rooted in the traditions and laws of our Roman Catholic faith, through the glory of the Traditional Latin Mass, we are living as, we believe, Franciscans should live.  Our fraternity, and I imagine most fraternities who exist solely in accordance with the Novus Ordo Mass, the New Mass, will be forever intwined with the modernism of today.  With no apologies, H and I refuse to go down that road any longer.  If our paths must permanently part, so be it.  In obedience, we will attend the meeting, and present our side.  But we will not plead.  I am not a good apologist for my faith.  I cannot argue 'the good fight' like others I know.  I will end this post by saying that I will follow our God wherever He leads me, even, if so, unto death.  I pray always to remain completely humble and filled with the knowledge that no thought or decision I have is my own, but His who is our Father.
Please pray for us as we appear to have come to an end of one road.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Transitus

  Last evening we celebrated the Transitus of St. Francis and it was so good to be with the Franciscan family again.  The church was filled with Sisters and Brothers, priests and other Seculars and a handful of just regular people.  All there to celebrate the completion of Francis' life on earth, to hear of his final acts and the words he spoke to his brothers.  In its own way it was a beautiful ceremony in a very beautiful chapel, but for me, these events are always tinged in sadness, for inside I long to see these ceremonies as they where fifty, sixty or a hundred years ago.  God has turned me from the Novus Ordo Mass to, I believe, the full force of the one true Catholic way of life, living daily through the Traditional Latin Mass and the change of heart that comes with that.  So to hear all the "Hello, how are you?" and to see all the hugs and greetings going on before the ceremony always depresses me a little.  And it shouldn't, it wasn't a Mass, and everyone was truly enjoying themselves.  I was, as usual the only miserable one there (well, maybe H too).  No matter, it's only me.  I think one reason for my selfishness is because I don't get to spend much extra time in church, so when I do get the chance I like it to be quiet for a while.  Again, it's only me and I'm whining again.  I don't know if I could write a blog and not whine.  But I'll try to not whine much, I promise.  These are all tremendous faults, and in the quietness at the end of the day I agonize over them and lately I've come to see that in all the complications of living a life called by God to follow His Son that in a way it's all right there before us, simply put by God through His Son, for us to see.  The problem; our worldly selves get in the way and we slip often from the God-centric life to man-centric life, the way of the world.  As a Franciscan I'm called to live just this life, in both worlds, and it is hard.  No amount of simplifying makes it, this life, any easier.  But I've become this way and I'm thankful to Him for it.  He has brought me along to this point in life for I don't know why.  It is not for me to question God.  I will accept all his actions, and I will try to love them also.  But at times I"m made aware of how hard it is to live a Franciscan life without the support of a fraternity, a community.  Oh blessed are those men and women who surrounded us last night!  In one way, in my way of thinking, their life is perhaps less lonely in only by being able to live together in a community, which is their family, their support group.  H and I are more or less out on our own, living a mostly solitary Franciscan life, but also a very Traditional Catholic life.  We live the Rule of 1221, which requires us to stay in this world and not to leave it, to live really with a foot balancing us in both worlds, with more leaning towards the abandonment of World.  We do come together formally once a month but right now it is a fledgling group, with two of the five of us in discernment with myself our pitiful leader, trying to inspire and lead.  I find myself praying about this place He has put me in often, because I do not at all understand God's ways.  I pray for guidance and strength to be a good leader, but I just don't know.  Again, in the bitter-sweetness of last night I know the spirit of Francis lingered, and I felt a common purpose in our all being there, in our being Franciscan.  The call to follow Christ is unbelievably strong, and I'm dumb-founded that the world cannot hear His Voice.

Is this just me?

Oh, Mother of sorrows,
I call to you again.
Guide me and comfort me,
for I am lost.
The Narrow Way is dark
most times, and the trials are many,
pure joy few.
Help me through with grace
to see, to follow
the Light of the Son.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What His weather brings...

We're hunkered down here in CT, waiting on the wind and the line of thunderstorms that are aimed this way.  I'm sure the power will go out soon, it always does lately when the weather storms.  No matter.  I have good holy candles ready to go, my books are at hand and my rosary waits.  God is good in all that He does, be it weather, joy, sadness, ill health, whatever.  I'm at the point right now anyway, that the secular world can just go away, I don't care what happens to it.  As a human race the things we say and do, here and around the globe is deeply disturbing.  The people who do not fear God are so numerous and their actions so, so, I can't even find an appropriate word to use here.  I wish I could just say I don't understand it all and be content with that, then I could just ignore the world and stay in my own little shell.  I'm trying to stay in my shell, but I just can't seem to ignore the world.  It's just that as the years go by, as I do not reject God but try to embrace Him, more and more I'm able to see the hand of satan in all of this.  It is satan against God, as clear as day.  Evil running rampant and the Good just waiting, quietly.  We are here, Lord, and I know You hear us but perhaps the test is on, I don't know.  It's impossible to say, but we who are watching see the hand of darkness as he pushes forward more and more.  And You, God?  I will not question God.  I will fear the Lord, my God, and hope for wisdom.
  Wisdom.  Give me wisdom!  Please, Lord just a thimble full of spiritual wisdom, to quench my appetite for you, you whom I crave.  At times I feel as if I've not gone anywhere on this road, or I walked a circle and returned to the beginning of myself.  It's not that I have, but my longing is still so there, so very strong that it is unquenchable.  We have just recently began teaching CCD at our parish, H 1st grade and me 7th.  I have never taught anyone anything in my whole life.  I have not a clue as to what I am doing.  Just follow the book.  Ok.  Unfortunately there is no way to get all the lessons for one Sunday into 50 minutes.  Especially when I veer off to incorporate my own ideas. (Yikes!)  After only two classes I can see that there is always room for good Catholic Tradition, and I love to give that to them.  I only have 5 youths, but that is enough for me.  Each time I go I'm scared to death, but I feel so good after, even though I have no idea if anyone learned anything or not.  But God is good, in season and out of season, when I'm making sense and when I'm not.  He even gave me words to share this stormy evening.  And occasional wisdom to share with the kids.

  The line of storms is almost here, so I'll finish this up.  Lord, watch over the homeless tonight, and all the men and women who must go out to assist our fellow man.  And stay close to me tonight, our Saviour Jesus, as I speak with our Mother through the Rosary.  

May god give us His rest. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Blessed Mother,
I'm trying to keep you front and center, a little more often today
than usual.
Your Immaculate Heart
is surely bleeding for us now, more than ever. 
Have we listened and acted on your words
past and present?
I think not. 
Hear us as we pray
and place our gifts before the Father.

Hail Mary, full of grace...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chapel, 5-7pm

It is so easy to fall into 'bad habits'.  What started as having a selection of music (Pandora) to having a better selection of music (Spotify), just wanting to have some chant and Sacred Music for easy access on the internet has turned into a music hoarding frenzy, with me finding music and artists from long ago and adding them to the Spotify playlist.  Not something I should be doing, wasting (yes, wasting!) time downloading all those old albums that pop into my head, making a list, etc, you know how it works.  Not really the thing I should be doing anytime.  And then I get a song stuck in my head, which is the worst.  All flow with God is gone.  My attempt at having 'one long prayer with God' is gone.  "Rose Darling" by Steely Dan.  A catchy tune for sure but with lyrics that now I find completely un-agreeable, although 30 something years ago I don't think I thought about those lyrics much.  Now, in this time of my life I do not need nor want the distraction.  Still, it only takes but a moment, and the desire for just a simple trip down memory lane can escalate into desires of the flesh that have no good in them. 
The desire of the wicked leads to doom.  How many times have I read that in the Liturgy of the Hours?  One need not necessarily be wicked to be lead to doom.  We strive and then we are set back, and sometimes we don't even know we have fallen.  St. Francis said something like 'The devil will pursue a soul forever, all he needs is a crack the size of a hair.'  It is impossible to keep satan out for it seems at times that we (me) offer him fistfuls of hair.  In this world, unless we are almost completely sheltered (cloistered) we are prone to the rage of the ocean, to be tossed by the waves.  Who can survive?  None, if we give in, give up. 
  Adoration, for me, as I've said before, is two hours, 5-7pm.  Our Lord pulls no punches with me, I really never know what to expect as I kneel before Him.  For many months the long stay with Him was troubled, for the peace that I thought I should find as He gazed at me was never there.  I felt at times that I'd walked up to a dark wall and stood, not being able to go any farther, not realizing that the wall I thought was the Face of God was really my own face.  I'd put myself, my pride, my thoughts of control between me and my God.  
  Prayer and reflection bring about these changes, the Holy Spirit, who hears us call, brings about these changes.  Our Virgin Mother's intercession helps bring about these changes, this tearing down of the wall of self that hinders our journey to God. 

           Salvation is only through the Cross,
 the Cross held firmly in our hands,
held tight with the arms
of our heart.

Friday, July 27, 2012

His world

Everything is a gift from the Lord
It is in the love for Him that I must diminish self, for self is of this world and not of His.

Sometimes its these simple truths I've forgotten, or perhaps never knew.  So many thoughts come rushing back to me, ideas made known and then forgotten. 

Why do I drift from His world to this so often?  

Why can't I stay rooted in His world? 

Saturday, July 07, 2012

My miserable all...

I am kneeling at the kneeler here at the Adoration Chapel, very near our Lord.  I estimate He's about 5 feet away.  I am not worthy to be here, for so long a time, 2 hours.  I'm trying not to sit, but I know my legs won't make it.  I have the 5-7pm hours and the more Iv'e prayed about it and talked with others, perhaps returning to adore our Lord  every week at the same time is not necessarily a good thing.  Am I getting too used to coming here and has the whole Adoration for 2 hours become 'too common'?  For me, I think it has.  To be in front of God, it's just too overwhelming.  How can I act with reverence, week after week.  I know Pope Benedict has encouraged us to go to Adoration, but did he necessarily mean to open more 24 hour Adoration chapels, or just to attend a Holy Hour when one is given?  I love being in front of The Blessed Sacrament, but I feel that for two hours I cannot give our Lord, God, His due.  I am at odds with myself about this.  I refuse to allow God to just become another obligation in my day.  God is all, and He deserves my miserable all.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Lord draws all men...

  I'm in a place that I've never been.  I am not a leader, but a true follower, but now here I am; leading a group of men and women who are striving to become Third Order Franciscans.  I will not ask 'Why me?'  I refuse to ask.  I will ask Him 'How', though.  How do I bring the best spirit of Francis to the group?  How do I keep it fresh?  We are going backward in time, into somewhat, for us, uncharted territory.  This coming Monday will be our first meeting and I'm not prepared.  The members are committed to following the old Roman Breviary instead of the Liturgy of the Hours.  We don't really have one!  My copy, purchased on E-Bay is still in the mail.  A reproduction of the original is $295.00.  We've decided to, when called for during the meeting, when praying the Our Father and the Hail Mary to recite them in Latin.  I will learn them both in the tongue of the Church.  Lord, You've given me a full plate, and I hope to fulfill Your every wish.  I know this is You, Lord, working in and through me.  The Lord draws all men to Him!  I can feel you drawing me to you through these difficult challenges you put before me.  How can I resist this life, Lord?  I would be worthless if I did. 

Friday, April 27, 2012


For more than a month now we've had a young Haitian girl (9 years old) named Jodelin staying with us, along with a nun, Sr. Cadet, also from Haiti.  Jodeline lost her leg below the knee in the earthquake, and she's here to receive a new prosthesis from the Children's Hospital.  There is so much to say about having them here for the last month, but the experience is still too real, too close to me right now to write about it in any detail.  For me, it's the New Testament come to life.  It's my Franciscan calling being lived out everyday, right here, in my home.  H has been bringing them to all the doctor's appointments while I've been at work.  Monday Jodeline gets her real prosthesis and then she is done, they'll be ready to return to Haiti.  I've only now been able to bring myself to write only this much about this experience, which God has graced us with.  He knows all of our weaknesses and uses them to give others strength.  I was and still am the most unworthy of vessels for this job, but I have seen the face of Our Lord so often that my whole way of thinking has been turned around.  Words without actions are worthless.  Into my world that I thought I knew stepped three women who showed me the meaning of love and action; Helen, Sr. Cadet and of course, Jodeline.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A different path...

After many months of prayer, prayer which came to me in many different forms and from many varied places H and I have decided to  take a slightly different yet parallel road on our journey to Heaven.  Our Lord called us to join the Secular Franciscan Order many years ago, and now He calls again, directing us to the path of Third Order Franciscans.  The reasons are too many to post; God draws us to Him and we respond, most times in ways we would never imagine.  In discerning this new path I have tried to humble myself in my thoughts and actions to the utmost of what I can know, meaning, I have tried to give everything over to Our Lord through Our Blessed Virgin Mother.  I am nothing, and in that nothingness I garner my strength.  When I think, even abstractly, that I am in charge, in charge without knowing I call it, when the will takes over my thinking, instead of letting the soul do the work, I become terrified.  I cannot do this, I cannot start a chapter.  Yes, not only to become TOF, but to start a chapter here at our parish.  Tomorrow, the 23rd, we'll be having a 'Meeting of Inquiry', just a small get together to see who might be interested in what we are doing.  Many people have inquired to us about the Third Order, knowing we are Franciscans, and if we could provide information to them.  The desire is there, in people we know.  I believe the Latin Mass has brought this idea of a Third Order into the beginnings of a birth, of sorts.  Pray for us as we begin again down the to Our God, following in the footsteps of Jesus, holding the hand of Francis.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Week One

Who was there, Lord,
in that first week of Lent?
When I, at the prayer service,
(not even a Mass)
listened, dissapointed, (in myself)
as a deacon spoke of you.
I hope he was a deacon but it was not my church
and I did not know the man.
Who was there?
Was I, as I went away angry, for not having been satisfied,
not fulfilled?

I had forgotten about the desert.

My Lents have always been filled with someone elses dreams,
of stories of such spiritual times
of joy, of trials.
Mine were mostly nothing to rejoice about,
to tell ones friends about.
Again, I'd missed the point.

I had forgotten
the silence of the silence.

The silence that enwraps you at times you don't expect,
like when that passage from the Bible strikes a chord.
As this past Thursday evening when at Adoration
one hour slipped to two...

...and the slow re-dawn of silence.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Fount of Grace

Oh God,
so hollow is my cry to you
yet you hear, for no reason than
out of love
for me.

  The statue of the Blessed Virgin rests to the side of the small Latin Mass altar.  She is on the globe and her bare foot is standing on the neck of the serpent, right behind his head.  His head is raised up, mouth wide, fangs dull white in the quiet light of the church.  The master of lies has been slithering through the lives of men since ancient times, since being swept away, since failing the test.  Look around.  What times are these that we live in, where does not satan show his vile head?  He is in our neighborhoods, in our government and even in our churches.  Does he believe it is time for him to really raise his head, to come in for the kill?
  All graces flow through  Mary, our Mother.  We must go to Her now more than ever before.  Satan knows that too, more than anyone, and will confuse us in every way to make us think that She is irrelevant, that God is gone, Jesus is no more...
  The dark one's final destination is Mary, who waits for the word from God to finish this epic battle. It is the ages old battle for souls, and the devil's hatred of God drives him to destroy us, since he cannot touch God.  For us, it is our souls that are at stake, and always has been. 

For even with my sandals on
trodding through deep snow
and my hood pulled up
to focus thoughts
the mind will wander
where only darkness waits.
And ideas that are blown like dust,
left behind when morning comes,
 prayers and strength
to lead me to the Fount of Grace.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Week 1



Evening Prayer I

Ant. 1  Like burning incense, Lord, let my prayer rise
           up to you.

Such beautiful words, and coming (or beginning) where they are, front and center at the start of The Four-Week Psalter.  I don't analyze the Office much, H and I just do them, and it's enough to just let the readings and psalms sink into the fiber and be there, to swim just beneath the surface all day.  Some days the readings are read and they go, fading from sight and mind like an old conversation, while other days the voice of the Apostle will stay with me all day, pointing out my faults and reminding me of things I don't even know.  Lately, maybe because I've added Mid-Day prayer to my lunch half-hour the feel of the whole reading seems to be of caution,of wariness and do not fall!  Guidance, always guidance.  6 months from now I'll probably feel much different, Maybe then, the theme will be one of rejoicing, but I doubt it.  The darkness of the world is only becoming more prevalent, I'm afraid, and our God seems only more than content in letting His plan run it's course.  No matter.  Whoever has ears ought to hear.   Ant. 2  You are my refuge, Lord; you are all that I desire in life.  For me a summing up of where I try to stand, but usually am not.  Where is that Ant. at 9:45am at a busy day at work?  Usually far from my mind.  Those are precisely the times we should remember them, but, at the same time, if we forget, we must let God take over, consciously or unconsciously, and let Him guide us, whether we know it or not.  I only know if this has happened when, at the end of the day, during my examination of conscience God gives me the grace to see His work in the day that has passed, to see the good (if any!) and the bad.  In the silence of silence He speaks, showing us, bending our will to His ways. 

Monday, January 30, 2012 prayer

 Trust.  This one word has seemingly filled my head since this past Sundays' Latin Mass gospel reading.  Matthew 8, 23-27.  Good, experienced fisherman all, and still they were terrified. Lord, save us, we perish.  We perish.  Am I perishing now?  I might be.  All my trust is in God, but after this gospel reading and the realization of how much God is asking of us, I don't know anymore.  Lord, save us.  Peter, James, John, they had Jesus right there with them, teaching them, opening their eyes; we, 2,000 plus years later, centuries of examples of tremendous trust by ordinary people and Saints, and we/I still am trying to go it alone.  
In my weakness, Lord, I cry out to you.

Not a voice that is heard, but a silent cry that wells up in bitterness, a bitterness in knowing that I have not done enough, have not tried hard enough to let go of this world I've vowed to let go of, to embrace Him who is asleep in the stern of my life, watching over me, and I almost ignore Him.  
  Why are you fearful, O ye of little faith? 
I'm fearful because I've not given everything over to Him.  I'm fearful that I'm fooling myself, in my so-called humbleness I'm actually just, smug.  I am still tossed constantly, as soon as the next squall comes up.  Will it take a million years for me to figure this out?  Probably.  As long as a part of me thinks above the slug-like existence that I know I am, I will not be at rest.  Always filled with uneasiness, I advance through the day.  Again, it is a realization that I must meet head-on, head-on, in prayer. 

O Lord,
help me to let go
of my firm grip
on this world,
and help me
to wrench the hands
from my soul,
that slow my journey
to You.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I haven't written much lately, for no reason other than I've nothing to say that basically hasn't been said.  There are so many bloggers, posters etc., out there, people who say things much better than I can that I just feel  posting for posting's sake is not for me.  That's not to say I don't keep up with my favorite sites; I do, and love what you all say, everyday.  If it weren't for the dyed in the wool, hard-core faithful, holding our Church together by example and prayer I can only imagine where we'd be.  The Traditions of the Church and it's teachings are under fire constantly, with the sole intent of bringing down our Mother Church.  Outside of our immediate family I don't know what we can do, really, other than to lead by example and keep the traditions alive.

You are the light of the world.
A city seated on a mountain cannot be hid.
Neither do men light a candle and put it
under a bushel but upon a candlestick,
that it may shine to all
that are in the house.  (Matthew 5)

That's from today's Gospel reading from the Traditional Latin Mass.  I can only get there on Saturday mornings and Sunday at 12:00 noon and that's not enough, I know, but that's all the Masses I can make.  Someday, if it's in His plan, I'll be able to go on the days when the TLM is available.  Right now I'm where He wants me, which is still working for my bread.  But even though He has left me there I will not be sad, will not put on the long face.  I'm there to do His will, which is to love.  To love.  So hard!  My fellow man, my co-workers!  Yeow!  But I do try, every day, although I fail at times quite miserably.  But it's funny; by all my failures the Cross becomes much clearer, the path to and from the Cross at times almost materializes before my eyes.  I call it the slow-down, the small gift of grace from God when He lets you see or feel the result of your action as He wants you to, not as you or the world sees it.  For me it's never anything major, just a change in thought, it seems, just a new realization.  I don't know, I get lost in words, sometimes, lost where there are no words to say.  Move on, k, move on from this and let Him work.
  Maybe, to sum up, it's for me, a matter of Him drawing and me reaching.  Sounds simple, uh?  Heck no! For the Holy Spirit, perhaps, but for me, no.  I reach now from a place so different than before.  We've peeled away the outer skin, stripping away the excess.  No more cable t.v.  A big one, that.  Not just not watching the television, but turning the cable off completely.  We are surviving, and quite well, thank you.  No newspaper delivery.  All these things, for us, just became obstructions to God.  We (H and myself) needed more silence in our lives, and less distractions and all has gone well.  We are also back in formation again, pursuing the call of the Third Order Franciscans.  St. Francis' Rule of 1221 for the Third Order is just too sweet to not taste.  God is so very, very good.  He levels the road ahead for you, just so you can carry the Cross further for His Son.  Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Saints, stay with me on the road, prop me up as I try to prop up, in my own sloppy way, my brothers and sisters here on earth.