Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What if.......

Just finished reading a couple of articles about parishes in my area that are going to have to share priests, on account of the shortage of priests world wide. It makes me sad, because it seems that every church should have a least one priest, but that, in this day is a dream. Why has it come to this? Is this a divine test of some sort, by God, to weed out the faithful? I don't believe that. The secular world has too many temptations that allow men to stray from the Path of Christ, and some to never return. And to try to find holy men who will step forward from this crowd is becoming harder and harder. So.....
I started thinking. Now I know for sure, and I still feel in my heart that it is not right, but I let my imagination wander a bit, and, especially after reading again an article that told how priests were allowed to marry for about the first 1,000 years(?) of the Church, what, now just what if men who were already married, good, devout catholic men, who for many years have felt the calling to follow Christ, what if those married men were allowed to become priests? And still stay married? I would have to think about that one...
Just something that I've been mulling about...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've seen other posts about this, but I didn't think I had the problem, but that's usually the first sign that you do have a problem. I have to admit I do daydream at times during The Rosary, morning or evening prayers, praying in general. I think I thought that that little bit of slipping away was normal, but it's not. And I think that's why I've been a bit unsatisfied with my prayer life, and not knowing why. "Pray constantly," it has been said. (ST. Paul.) But at work, in the shop, driving a car in heavy traffic, it's just not going to work. I think for me, the Rosary in the car, contemplative-type prayer while driving will just have to be as good as it turns out. I'm so used to doing it I don't think I could stop, and just listen to the radio. Yech! I'll allot a bit more time for formal prayer in private, or with H. This month has sort of torn me up, mentally, physically and spiritually. So much stuff has happened, worldly things that I try to separate myself from, but these events happen and they suck me in. I become part of them and I feel stretched.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The complaining Grand Knight

It looks like my career as Grand Knight has been stopped in it's tracks. Apparently after the floor nominations and a motion to accept the slate, there was no vote! Crazy stuff, two years in a row now. State will probably shut us down. I am so torn, well, not really even torn, I don't particularly want this assignment at all, but I do believe that the Lord wants me to do this. I would have never said yes if I didn't believe that. I'm not sure how this will play out, the election thing. Plus, T.T. is mad as heck that he didn't get his job as Warden back, he's threatening to quit. Egos must be assuaged.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Rosary

This past Monday evening our Parish had its first Evening Rosary, which consisted of H, myself and two women, one who had never finished a Rosary and one who never says the Rosary out loud. You could say it was a first for both. Although only two people showed up I still deem it a success, as on that beautiful, warm, late spring night two more voices floated up to Heaven in prayer. I hope they return in two weeks, and I hope I can do a better job, act a little bit more confident, etc. I don't think H won't be there to help, (she is much better at explaining things than me. I called the Pearl of the Mystery "the bullet point" DUH!) Regardless, I will continue even if I'm alone, which is a joy in itself. I do hope word gets around and a few more people come. The Virgin Mother says "Pray, pray, pray!", so that is what we will do.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Busy time

What a whirlwind last few days, and tonight more stuff is happenning. At 7:00pm is our first evening Rosary, lead by me. I'm a little nervous, but not much. I feel the guiding hand of Our Virgin Mother with me. I can only hope that people will respond, even just out of curiosity. We will see.
Yesterday we had a small graduation party for Odin and Celena. My parents were there, along with my brother, sister and parts of their families, an aunt, an uncle, friends, etc. Some of Odins buds were able to make it, but most of Celena's friends were working. She took it all in stride, though. O had a great time. Good to see faces and hear laughter from all the relations and friends. Even Father D showed up! What a wonderful blessing for us.