Friday, November 20, 2020

Just a mini-rant, or felling sorry for myself, or both.

 Let's face it, it IS hard to find anything to smile much about in this secular world lately, actually it's down right terrifying to even just get up and go forward to one's job every day. At times I would just rather have blinders on so as not to see or hear the madness that's in our face. Between the scandal of the election and the constant drumbeat to get tested, tested, tested there's almost no where to hide. Here in CT where liberalism is king and the Guv is out to get us all, it's basically keep your head down and stick with your own kind, and by that I mean Traditional Catholics. The world becomes much clearer and much anxiety is lifted when one spends time speaking of Our Mother, or Our Lord Jesus Christ or the Saint of the Day, etc. with like-minded people. The rest of the time, well, the challenge is real, and for me the challenge is not to lose my cool when discussing the usual daily conversational tidbits, namely wuhan, masks, President Trump and rigged elections, executive orders, etc. I know I'm not right most times when it comes to some topics, but dang, can't most people I come in contact with see clearly? Almost everyone I work with has only a vague idea of the absolute strength and primacy of God, and some not at all. Some are Muslims, some Hindus, a lot of lapsed Catholics but most of them are under the wuhan/mask sway and take the uptick in number of positive cases registered as actual sick people. This clouds their thinking, I know it does. Every day I say that I will not discuss these topics any more, I'm just going to tell them to do your own homework, don't take what I say for the truth, but I fail every day. I'm over 65, and don't need this extra stress I put on myself. 

So what to do? Thank God for God, Family, Duty, that's for sure!

But, then again I can't tell you what to do, but I've already started listening to my Advent station on Pandora, for one. I guess I can since being a Third Order Franciscan our Advent Fast has already started. So very soothing, especially at work. But seriously, I've got to ask our Lord for the virtue of (more) Patience, to not let all of these issues weigh on me and try to eat me up. I wish I could go to Mass every morning before work, but even people who are be able to go to Mass aren't able to most days, the times being what they are. And unfortunately the Latin Mass is not everywhere. But thank you for letting me write this and vent, I feel better than I did an hour ago. It's Friday, the feast of St. Felix of Valois, a great Saint (aren't they all?) who died a very beautiful natural death (check it out). 

Tomorrow being Saturday, I will be at Holy Mass.


Monday, September 14, 2020

The Coming Storm


  Be aware, my friends, and this is no secret, but be aware that the liberal news media, all Democratic politicians (and unfortunately many Republicans) basically anyone who is opposed to President Trump will try to blame him for EVERTHING that is wrong or has gone wrong in the last four years. The most outlandish lies will be perpetrated against him and he will SEEM to have been abandoned by everyone. Don't fall for it. Do your homework and know your facts: This is the attempted destruction of the United States (and the world) as we know it. Be ready for complete chaos unless President Trump wins in an utter landslide, and even then the Democrats will not go down without a fight, and I mean an ugly street brawl. 
What can we do...
For starters, anyone with their head in the sand, get it out! Do your homework and keep your eyes and ears open. Reject the scams of BLM, Antifa, etc. completely.
Fast, do mortifications and pray that Rosary, adding the intention for our Country and our President. Pray for the enlightenment of all Americans to the peril of liberalism and modernism, and that the party of death will only bring us death. Everyone has faults, we all know that, and Christ's Rule over this land will not take place with Donald Trump, but he is our best bet to holding the vicious wolves at bay (I hope) for the next four years. 

Get out and vote, and vote Red. Your life may depend on it.  

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Trying to find a happy thought.

The more the world slips closer to insanity and imbecillism (my word), the more completely obvious it is that salvation of souls and of the secular world also,will only come with hearts and minds turning towards God fully and completely, all the time, not just when it is convenient for each individual. The stupidness of hanging your hat or backing any anti-Christian form of thought, individual or group is so easily understood through the use of right reason that for us who do understand it has become very very painful to watch. This seems to be a hard onslaught by satan who never misses an opportunity to send souls to hell. If God wishes to He could instantly turn this around, but probably would like (A) for us to turn it around ourselves or (B) to punish us. A, we must do, and pray for his forgiveness and to give us strength. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Pride, Greed, Wrath...

How many more days must go by before the authorities of this world wake up. The continuous destruction by radical leftest groups in the name of 'justice', 'equal rights' and whatever other words of mumbo jumbo you want to use to justify their actions is unprecedented in this country. Where are the police when mobs are tearing down the statues? Where are the leaders of this country, the Bernie Sanders ilk, Republicans, Democrats whoever, the Black leaders of the great country, where are they now? No unified cry to stop the destruction and the violence. No Church leaders, from the top down saying anything more than a whimper. Rioting cowards dressed in black, hiding themselves while they spew their nonsense and destroy public and private property. (Ranting now.) Not too hard to figure out. The Wuhan Cold to soften us up and scare us into cowardice, then bring on the destruction in the name of a man killed by bad police actions. Peaceful marches mixed with violent acts, so the world can't tell them apart anymore, the good from the bad. Modernism and liberalism coming to its grandest fruition. The falling away of the world from our Lord and His Kingship, no, not even that, that's too grand for these poor people, just forgetting basic Catholic teaching, which has been lost on this world for the last 100+ years, this is one of the real reasons society is crashing and literally, going to he--. As one Catholic commentator said, the leftists and the ungodly are bold and smart, and we Catholics, in our trying to be good, are dumb. And the shutting down of our Chapels and Churches have taken away our armor and our weapons. Father's Day has passed, and as Fathers and Catholic men we will be called upon to do even more, to make even more sacrifices. But the one weapon they could not take away from us is our Rosary Beads. Let us continue to pray to our Blessed Mother, who will triumph over the devil who is wielding much power right now. Let us all do our part by praying constantly and living good clean Catholic lives to show the world that there is only one road to heaven, and that is through the Kingship of Christ. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The evil designs of men.

A husband dies alone, in a nursing home, from the Wuhan Virus, as his wife of 62 years watches through a nursing home window. This really bothers me. I'm sorry, but this is not right. 'What God joins together, no man shall put apart...' 

Monday, February 17, 2020

Our goal.

I can only credit this post to the fact that I'm getting older (65 in April) and not to any type of insight of mine. I'm home here, on my own for a few days, my wife off helping my daughter and son-in-law pack and get ready to move into their first home that they own. Exciting times!  So like I said I'm home alone, me and the cat and the woodstove. (I like both; me, usually not so much.) When I'm home alone it's mostly silent here. For awhile I'll put Pandora on, play some tunes that I like while supper is heating up (Helen takes good care of me before she leaves in the food dept.) but then it goes off. Silence is golden. I'll sit, have a cold beer, check social media (yes, I do...) and dang, end up not liking at least 3/4 of anything I see. I check out the sites I have on my side bar, good Catholic sites, but I'm mostly disheartened by what I see. This blogosphere is not all cracked up as they say it is. To me, it's become a wasteland off biting thoughts, men and women competing for what I really don't know. An audience? Money? Both? With Lent coming up I'm seriously thinking of giving up social media, at least for Lent. Forever, I don't know, I'm weak, but everything from religion to politics to the environment is just getting to be too much. I can see how single young men and women (and older of both) would want to leave this world behind and enter the monastic religious life although I'll admit I don't know of many who do. I'm very happily married, thank you Lord to a woman who has the same spiritual goals as I have, and our job is to get each other to heaven, and if possible our children and their families too. But for some of these young people it must be very, very hard to stay focused on Jesus Christ and the Final Goal. At 64+ I can be pulled in different directions, and thank God for my spouse who helps to keep me on the narrow path, even if she doesn't know it. 
This is the time we were given by God to live in, and very difficult times they are. The most difficult? I don't know about that, but we are given a chance, here and now to work out our salvation in glorious terms. If we do well, God will reward us; if we fail, well, we know the consequences. There is no choice. The darkness and evil of this world at this time is almost overwhelming, but we must not ever give in to it. I believe the devil hates a smile, hates joy, hates to see us overcoming the obstacles that he has put ion our path. Right, now, the world is in our way, this is what we must overcome, the same as always. Those of us who are married, our paths are set, the way is true, our goal, heaven, for our spouses and our family. For the single men and women listen to your heart, consult your priests and if possible, enter the religious life. We need you. The world needs you. Let us not let Rome bring us to despair, for we know what has to be done. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

(This past Sunday) Feast of the Holy Family.

To all fathers of families, Joseph is verily the best model of paternal vigilance and care. In the most holy Virgin Mother of God, mothers may find an excellent example of love, modesty, resignation of spirit, and the perfecting of faith. And in Jesus, who was subject to his parents, the children of the family have a divine pattern of obedience which they can admire, reverence, and imitate. Those who are of noble birth may learn, from this Family of royal blood, how to live simply in times of prosperity, and how to retain their dignity in times of distress. The rich may learn that moral worth is to be more highly esteemed than wealth. Artisans, and all such as are bitterly grieved by the narrow and slender means of their families, if they would but consider the sublime holiness of the members of this domestic fellowship, cannot fail to find some cause for rejoicing in their lot, rather than for being merely dissatisfied with it. In common with the Holy Family, they have to work, and to provide for the daily wants of life. Joseph had to engage in trade, in order to live; even the divine hands laboured at an artisan's calling. It is not to be wondered at, that the wealthiest men, if truly wise, have been willing to cast away their riches, and to embrace a life of poverty with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. - From the Apostolic Letters of Pope Leo XIII, Breve « Neminem fugit » 14 junii 1892