Monday, September 14, 2020

The Coming Storm


  Be aware, my friends, and this is no secret, but be aware that the liberal news media, all Democratic politicians (and unfortunately many Republicans) basically anyone who is opposed to President Trump will try to blame him for EVERTHING that is wrong or has gone wrong in the last four years. The most outlandish lies will be perpetrated against him and he will SEEM to have been abandoned by everyone. Don't fall for it. Do your homework and know your facts: This is the attempted destruction of the United States (and the world) as we know it. Be ready for complete chaos unless President Trump wins in an utter landslide, and even then the Democrats will not go down without a fight, and I mean an ugly street brawl. 
What can we do...
For starters, anyone with their head in the sand, get it out! Do your homework and keep your eyes and ears open. Reject the scams of BLM, Antifa, etc. completely.
Fast, do mortifications and pray that Rosary, adding the intention for our Country and our President. Pray for the enlightenment of all Americans to the peril of liberalism and modernism, and that the party of death will only bring us death. Everyone has faults, we all know that, and Christ's Rule over this land will not take place with Donald Trump, but he is our best bet to holding the vicious wolves at bay (I hope) for the next four years. 

Get out and vote, and vote Red. Your life may depend on it.