Tuesday, April 30, 2013

St. Joseph the Worker


O Joseph, heavenly hosts thy
worthiness proclaim,
And Christendom conspires to
celebrate thy fame,
Thou who in purest bonds wert to
the Virgin bound;
How glorious is thy name renowned.
Thou, when thou didst behold thy
Spouse about to bear,
Wert sore oppressed with doubt,
wert filled with wondering care;
At length the angel's word thy
anxious heart relieved:
She by the Spirit hath conceived.
Thou with thy newborn Lord didst
seek far Egypt's land,
As wandering pilgrims ye fled o'er
the desert sand;
That Lord, when lost, by thee is in
the Temple found,
While tears are shed and joys
Not till death's hour is past do
other men obtain
The need of holiness, and glorious
rest attain;
Thou, like to Angels made, in life
completely blest,
Dost clasp thy God unto thy breast.
O Holy Trinity, thy suppliant
servants spare;
Grant us to rise to heaven for
Joseph's sake and prayer,
And so our grateful hearts to thee
shall ever raise
Exulting canticles of praise.


(from) 1 Vespers, May 1st
Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary