Friday, October 10, 2014

Pray for the Synod.

I will continue to pray for the Bishops and all who are attending the Synod.  My Rosary novena is over, but I still offer my first Rosary of the day for them that are there, especially our Holy Father.  As a Roman Catholic who attends only the TLM, I find this whole Synod distressing to say the least.  Many other bloggers have said much better anything I could say about the situation, so I'll not really add anything here.  Let me just say that it is with great sadness that I watch these men of God, watched over by our Pope, debate such issues that should be non-issues.  Holy Mother Church should stick to her guns, and spend more time figuring out how to catechize  the faithful better instead of letting them wander off with their 'itching ears.'  Generation after generation of Catholics do not know their faith and are lead astray so easily!  If any of you are non-traditional and are reading this, please, just begin by reading the New Testament from start to finish, a good version, a Douay-Rheims version.  Ask questions among yourselves and find a good smart priest to help you with anything you don't understand.  Jesus, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, gave us a complete road map on how to live, and most of us never use it.  Read it, and listen to every word that Jesus says.  Holy church did a good job of interpreting those words for close to 1,950 years.  Go back to those interpretations and listen with the eyes of your soul, eyes attuned to God.  

And pray.