Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  As I sit and write, today, Thanksgiving, I feel I must not fall into let's say, a mood, a way of thinking that I'm prone to, and then  my musings will usually take on that mood.  If I did, this post I'm sure would be dark, for the world in which we live, as Catholics, is a dark place, with he-that-I-will-not-name firmly in control.  No matter.  The Light of Christ's Resurrection still shines bright for those who see.  
  We'll go to my sisters today, where my parents will be, which is a great blessing for us.  Many of my friends' parents are now gone, and as we get older these changes in our lives become more frequent, as aunts and uncles and even close family members leave this life here on earth behind.  H's parents are both gone, and she misses both very much, especially her Mom.  I still have my Mom and Dad and I treat them so shabbily at times it makes me sick.  No matter what I confess at confession I almost always have to add "I did not honor my Mother and Father...".  Lord, how low can I bring myself?  
I complain bitterly about things, even things I have control over, and I still complain!  Backwards, or what?  I'm not big on resolutions at any time of the year, only the slow, often painful, lonely road to Heaven.  I find after these moments that that road is very far away.  Jesus does pick us up every time we fall, but only if we look towards Him, and ask Him for His help.  I fall, and fall, and fall, but unlike before I'm more aware of my place with Him, and  I'm obligated to ask Him for help.  I have heard His Word and I believe, which means I have no choice anymore.  Isn't that beautiful?  No choice but to adore God!  No choice but to ask our Mother for His graces!  No choice but to ask Jesus to tell us the Will of God!  Among all the other people, events, good and bad in my life I must still put God first, and acknowledge Him as the one to be completely and absolutely thankful for for everything that has been my life so far.  And also, to pray for all who have either not heard His Word, or turned from it, to hear again His sweet, quiet call to all of us here on earth, here amongst the weeds. 

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Do Not Be Anxious said...

Keith, I think the world moves in endless cycles. As our country moves down, others move up, but with each of us individually, we choose our position in the cycle. We all have ups and downs, but we can choose to recover from the downs quickly, if we will it.

And we can choose to ask for help.

Look at this man's asking for help. It gives me hope: