Friday, November 20, 2020

Just a mini-rant, or felling sorry for myself, or both.

 Let's face it, it IS hard to find anything to smile much about in this secular world lately, actually it's down right terrifying to even just get up and go forward to one's job every day. At times I would just rather have blinders on so as not to see or hear the madness that's in our face. Between the scandal of the election and the constant drumbeat to get tested, tested, tested there's almost no where to hide. Here in CT where liberalism is king and the Guv is out to get us all, it's basically keep your head down and stick with your own kind, and by that I mean Traditional Catholics. The world becomes much clearer and much anxiety is lifted when one spends time speaking of Our Mother, or Our Lord Jesus Christ or the Saint of the Day, etc. with like-minded people. The rest of the time, well, the challenge is real, and for me the challenge is not to lose my cool when discussing the usual daily conversational tidbits, namely wuhan, masks, President Trump and rigged elections, executive orders, etc. I know I'm not right most times when it comes to some topics, but dang, can't most people I come in contact with see clearly? Almost everyone I work with has only a vague idea of the absolute strength and primacy of God, and some not at all. Some are Muslims, some Hindus, a lot of lapsed Catholics but most of them are under the wuhan/mask sway and take the uptick in number of positive cases registered as actual sick people. This clouds their thinking, I know it does. Every day I say that I will not discuss these topics any more, I'm just going to tell them to do your own homework, don't take what I say for the truth, but I fail every day. I'm over 65, and don't need this extra stress I put on myself. 

So what to do? Thank God for God, Family, Duty, that's for sure!

But, then again I can't tell you what to do, but I've already started listening to my Advent station on Pandora, for one. I guess I can since being a Third Order Franciscan our Advent Fast has already started. So very soothing, especially at work. But seriously, I've got to ask our Lord for the virtue of (more) Patience, to not let all of these issues weigh on me and try to eat me up. I wish I could go to Mass every morning before work, but even people who are be able to go to Mass aren't able to most days, the times being what they are. And unfortunately the Latin Mass is not everywhere. But thank you for letting me write this and vent, I feel better than I did an hour ago. It's Friday, the feast of St. Felix of Valois, a great Saint (aren't they all?) who died a very beautiful natural death (check it out). 

Tomorrow being Saturday, I will be at Holy Mass.