Friday, September 20, 2013

The Holy Father

I'm just going to rant a bit.

    Can someone explain to me (aside from the obvious, as I see it anyway) why the Holy Father would lead us down the road of "de-emphasis of hot button social issues"?  These last two weeks have left me baffled as to why, truly why a man, elected Pope, can say and evidently turn the face of the church so far away from its theological traditions.  I know why, in my heart and soul I know why, but like I said, I'm just going to rant.

I'd rant more but I've got to get back to work. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chapel time.

At our parish we have a 24 hour Adoration Chapel, but it's not really 24 hours anymore, just not enough people to cover the hours.  Attrition mostly, but also people don't like to commit to any certain time, they like to just stop by the Chapel for 10, 20 minutes, a half hour, whatever.  And I understand that, it's a busy world we live in and everyone has stuff to do.  But I'm here from 5-7 pm, and really not too many people show up during the supper hours.  It's very quiet, just me and Him.  It has been 1 hour, 30 min. and I'm still on my knees.  I say this not for any gratification or show-offness, but to make a point.  Sometimes people, myself included, would never in a million years sit during Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, but during their Chapel hour, will sit.  Is He not the same God?  For myself, I'm going to try to stay on my knees for however long I'm in the Chapel before the blessed Sacrament.  It's good penance for me and our Lord knows I'm lazy when it comes to penance and sacrifice.  I know not everyone is the same, bad knees, bad back, etc.  This is just me talking and I feel the need to give God all the reverence that is due Him by me.  

I made the 2 hours.