Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So Lent begins...

A friend gave me a small calendar, 'My Lenten Daily Devotions'. Each tearoff has the date, a Gospel reading for the day, etc. Near the bottom of the page is a reading. My Offering to God: "I will anonymously do something kind for someone. "

I hope I can.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Night Willies

What is with the dreams, all of a sudden? Not just forgettable dreams but ones that have been turning out wrong, dreams that challenge me. I don't ever remember dreaming of nuns, priests, brothers or sisters but I am now. And a man that I haven't seen in years dressed as a priest. Not good dreams. It's like I have to stay awake during the dream to keep myself out of trouble.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday, in the middle of the long haul between New Years' and Easter. That's how the work time frame is viewed here in the shop, the time one works continually between holidays. It's sad, but a reality. I find myself thinking that way at times, knowing full well I shouldn't. I'm still dealing with inner issues that, often enough, freeze me in a place that I can't get out of. At times my prayers are answered in a way that I can see first hand but mostly God is hidden, hidden behind myself. I know myself is what I must get rid of, lay at Our Lords feet and say here, here it is, I can't handle it anymore! The baggage is just too much.
I'm trying, everyday I try.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thursdays are good days for me. I have the 5-6pm hour for spending time with Our Lord in Adoration. After about 10-15 minutes I'm the only one left in the church. If I can unwind and quiet myself enough the silence inside and out is truly God sent.
This week was no different.
Then, H and I have the 6-7pm hour on First Friday, at All Saints Church, Somers. This week we recieved a call on Wed. night asking if we could fill in for the 1-2am slot also.
We accepted the invitation, without hesitation.
We've always wanted to to an overnight slot, and it was beautiful.. We read the Office provided for us, which took the whole hour, and I mentioned that I did'nt think that was right, I thought we read too much. We'll get it right.
Then, up at 5:30am for Rosary at the church before Reposition, then First Saturday Mass. All beautiful, beautiful. And to do it with my companion through life, my wife H.