Monday, October 31, 2005

A weekend gone...

The road has brought me through another weekend, albiet a not very good one. The tension that builds from not having enough money is incredible. During the week I'm distracted from it but the weekend, well the weekend can be like a hole in the week, and sometimes a dark hole.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Today on the rb50 I came upon my gardenlooking really worn-out and lost. H and I cleaned it up as much as possible, but the wind and cold really started to take it's toll after a while. We were frozen! The sun dissipeared and that was it for me. For the rest of the time I was just going thru the motions. But since it was C's birthday we decided not to work all day but add a little playtime. Royal Buffet was our target asnd a good choice at that. Six stations set up with really good food, five with Chi food and one with strictly American type stuff. We steered away from that. We ate until we were stuffed, then went up for the desserts. Not good stuff, but we nibbled. Tonight, alone, C at a friends house where they are giving her a surprize B-day party, H at work, and me here.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Minutes Later

The road beyond 50 has brought me to my first experiment with the BLOG. I'm just trying to recover the whole thing and not lose it. Call it a test in navigation.

Soccer on a cold night

The road beyond 50 brought me to a soccer field tonight, cold as it was nobody really caresd. My daughter didn't even get to play, Lord only knows why. A good game, even if the Good Guys lost. Even with many layers on the cold crept in and settled in my lower back, right side. Will try sex later on to relive the pain, all parties willing.