Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Transitus

  Last evening we celebrated the Transitus of St. Francis and it was so good to be with the Franciscan family again.  The church was filled with Sisters and Brothers, priests and other Seculars and a handful of just regular people.  All there to celebrate the completion of Francis' life on earth, to hear of his final acts and the words he spoke to his brothers.  In its own way it was a beautiful ceremony in a very beautiful chapel, but for me, these events are always tinged in sadness, for inside I long to see these ceremonies as they where fifty, sixty or a hundred years ago.  God has turned me from the Novus Ordo Mass to, I believe, the full force of the one true Catholic way of life, living daily through the Traditional Latin Mass and the change of heart that comes with that.  So to hear all the "Hello, how are you?" and to see all the hugs and greetings going on before the ceremony always depresses me a little.  And it shouldn't, it wasn't a Mass, and everyone was truly enjoying themselves.  I was, as usual the only miserable one there (well, maybe H too).  No matter, it's only me.  I think one reason for my selfishness is because I don't get to spend much extra time in church, so when I do get the chance I like it to be quiet for a while.  Again, it's only me and I'm whining again.  I don't know if I could write a blog and not whine.  But I'll try to not whine much, I promise.  These are all tremendous faults, and in the quietness at the end of the day I agonize over them and lately I've come to see that in all the complications of living a life called by God to follow His Son that in a way it's all right there before us, simply put by God through His Son, for us to see.  The problem; our worldly selves get in the way and we slip often from the God-centric life to man-centric life, the way of the world.  As a Franciscan I'm called to live just this life, in both worlds, and it is hard.  No amount of simplifying makes it, this life, any easier.  But I've become this way and I'm thankful to Him for it.  He has brought me along to this point in life for I don't know why.  It is not for me to question God.  I will accept all his actions, and I will try to love them also.  But at times I"m made aware of how hard it is to live a Franciscan life without the support of a fraternity, a community.  Oh blessed are those men and women who surrounded us last night!  In one way, in my way of thinking, their life is perhaps less lonely in only by being able to live together in a community, which is their family, their support group.  H and I are more or less out on our own, living a mostly solitary Franciscan life, but also a very Traditional Catholic life.  We live the Rule of 1221, which requires us to stay in this world and not to leave it, to live really with a foot balancing us in both worlds, with more leaning towards the abandonment of World.  We do come together formally once a month but right now it is a fledgling group, with two of the five of us in discernment with myself our pitiful leader, trying to inspire and lead.  I find myself praying about this place He has put me in often, because I do not at all understand God's ways.  I pray for guidance and strength to be a good leader, but I just don't know.  Again, in the bitter-sweetness of last night I know the spirit of Francis lingered, and I felt a common purpose in our all being there, in our being Franciscan.  The call to follow Christ is unbelievably strong, and I'm dumb-founded that the world cannot hear His Voice.

Is this just me?

Oh, Mother of sorrows,
I call to you again.
Guide me and comfort me,
for I am lost.
The Narrow Way is dark
most times, and the trials are many,
pure joy few.
Help me through with grace
to see, to follow
the Light of the Son.


Don said...

St Francis
Ora Pro Nobis

Do Not Be Anxious said...

I deeply understand your frustrations. To me, it seems as if the world only wants to hear echoes -- answers to its calls, its own answers. It doesn't listen for the echoes of God, and for His voice.

It seems of the two Great Commandments, we only focus on the third, about "loving ... as yourself."