Monday, May 17, 2010

Different Roads

"I am your message, Lord.

Throw me like a blazing torch

into the night, that all may see

and understand what it means

to be a disciple."

ST. Maria Skobstsova

Funny how things work.

This past Saturday evening, a night usually associated with going out t0 the movies, maybe a restaurant, etc, you know what I mean, I found myself cleaning toilets. Not a completely bad thing, it's just something I do every other weekend for a few hours to make a little extra money. No matter how much I ignore money, (I let H handle everything) no matter how I run the idea of money through my 'Eyes of St. Frances', money is still something I, and we all must deal with. Our family is fortunate. I have a job, we have a great family, home, cars, our health, what more can a man ask for in the material world? Last year when times did get a little tough at work, (55 hours a week to 40, ouch!) I was able to pick up some extra hours coming in on Saturday and doing the cleaning and vacuuming. Whatever. Well, last weekend I found myself doing the cleaning late, I didn't get home until 9:30pm, but when I took a break and I was checking Facebook (yeah, well, that's another story), someone 'found me' whom I hadn't seen or spoken to since high school, back in the 70's. He was much younger than me (still is!), just a little kid, then, I really knew his older brothers much better than him. His whole family was very musically inclined and they ended up in Vegas in different aspects of the entertainment business. He told me about his brothers and sisters and the different bands they've played with. I didn't reply, but it was nice to hear from him and to hear about his family, all old friends. Later, I couldn't help to, not really compare, but to just contemplate on how our roads have diverged, how at one time we all had the same ideas, the same dreams. A really good friend of mine, my best friend in high school, did end up out there with them, working in the 'business'. If only Steve could see me now! Washing out the sinks and cleaning out the toilets! On the outside the whole situation might seem sad, but I know better. I know what perhaps they don't know or have rejected; that when one puts God first in his life, everything changes. You can't put God first and live your old life, attached and controlled by the secular world. I've realized that since my life is in His hands I'm there cleaning for a reason, for God does nothing without a purpose.
We just usually never know what the purpose is.
Maybe He's using my Saturday evening work, my sacrifice, for His own means. Maybe He just wants me to contemplate Him as I work, which He knows I do. I don't know. I do know that when I think about my life and where it has gone, where its' going my heart burns with gladness for the grace which He has given me, the grace that has opened my eyes and my heart to Him, and to His Son and The Blessed Virgin who is with me every day, every moment. I can only live my life in the reflection of Our Lord Jesus, following in the footsteps of Francis, whose example of giving all of oneself to God is worthy to follow.

A torch thrown into the night...


Daily Grace said...

A passage from Luke came to mind while I read this, "Mary has chosen the better part, which will not be taken away from her."

I like the quote from St. Maria Skabstova, very nice.

puzzled said...

A very nice post Kam. Thank you. I always enjoy your posts so I am sending you a SUNSHINE AWARD.

kam said...

Thanks you, D.G. and P. for your comments, but upon reflection, I think I missed the whole gift.