Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grace before lunch, Wednesday

Oh Lord, I thank you for this meal, this bread before me.

I thank you for my job, and all the work you have provided us

and I thank you and pray to you for my co-workers,

past and present, keep us safe on the job and on our way home.

Watch over my family, Lord as they go through the day.

Bless us o Lord, for these thy gifts...


Daily Grace said...


You and your wife have really helped me with my fasting. I thank you both ;)

Anonymous said...

Your kind words about my recent post as well as your wisdom and inspiration around fasting - great work and thank-you. Fr. Joseph

puzzled said...

Thanks for these last few posts, Kam. They are lovely and the post previous to this one is very humbling, very inspirational. You are, I am sure, a help to many.