Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Pride, Greed, Wrath...

How many more days must go by before the authorities of this world wake up. The continuous destruction by radical leftest groups in the name of 'justice', 'equal rights' and whatever other words of mumbo jumbo you want to use to justify their actions is unprecedented in this country. Where are the police when mobs are tearing down the statues? Where are the leaders of this country, the Bernie Sanders ilk, Republicans, Democrats whoever, the Black leaders of the great country, where are they now? No unified cry to stop the destruction and the violence. No Church leaders, from the top down saying anything more than a whimper. Rioting cowards dressed in black, hiding themselves while they spew their nonsense and destroy public and private property. (Ranting now.) Not too hard to figure out. The Wuhan Cold to soften us up and scare us into cowardice, then bring on the destruction in the name of a man killed by bad police actions. Peaceful marches mixed with violent acts, so the world can't tell them apart anymore, the good from the bad. Modernism and liberalism coming to its grandest fruition. The falling away of the world from our Lord and His Kingship, no, not even that, that's too grand for these poor people, just forgetting basic Catholic teaching, which has been lost on this world for the last 100+ years, this is one of the real reasons society is crashing and literally, going to he--. As one Catholic commentator said, the leftists and the ungodly are bold and smart, and we Catholics, in our trying to be good, are dumb. And the shutting down of our Chapels and Churches have taken away our armor and our weapons. Father's Day has passed, and as Fathers and Catholic men we will be called upon to do even more, to make even more sacrifices. But the one weapon they could not take away from us is our Rosary Beads. Let us continue to pray to our Blessed Mother, who will triumph over the devil who is wielding much power right now. Let us all do our part by praying constantly and living good clean Catholic lives to show the world that there is only one road to heaven, and that is through the Kingship of Christ. 

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