Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Day

Hopefully I'll find time this Christmas weekend to post. A lot has gone on during this Advent, almost too much. Isn't that always the way this time of year? The secular world nudges in no matter how hard we try to keep it out. And we really don't want to keep it out completely, we just are trying to keep focused. And that can be very hard unless one lives in a cave. Maybe that wouldn't be so bad...

Merry and Blessed Christmas, and thanks for all the exchange of ideas during this year!

Peace to all as we await the Lord!


Anne said...

If we had to, I suppose we could all adjust to living in caves, after all, the Lord was born in one!

Merry and Blessed Christmas to you!

the booklady said...

Merry Christmas from my nice heated room! I'm SO very glad I'm NOT in a cave right now ... it's 17 degrees out with a wind chill of 0! Brrrrrr!!!

May you and yours enjoy a very warm and blessed New Year!