Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bearing the Cross

I just read a wonderful story on the internet about two young men from Fairfield University in southern CT who each built a 40lb. cross and then carried them the 22 miles to St. Mary's Church in New Haven. I felt so proud and happy for these men, to show their 'Face of Christ' to all the world that I figured I would leave a comment. After registering, I wrote a very nice (so I thought!) comment, religiously laced and expressing what I thought was a very spiritual view of the event. It must have been a bit too spiritual, because the webmaster immediately deleted it. Gone. Not to post. What did I say so wrong? It's gone, now, I can't even reproduce it. Such a sad time when our true christian views are shut down. And about a religious event, too.


Odin said...

Intense devotion to ones' religious beliefs sometimes are expressed in ways we can't all understand. To say that all religion is childish and destructive is a very narrow statement indeed. To try to explain the reasons why these young men and people around the world do what they do in the name of Jesus would take, with you, probably forever. And even more important than carrying the Cross of Christ was stopping every mile to pray, to let their prayers float to Heaven were they will do the most good, which is saving souls.

I don't know if this was you comment but I found it on the site.

kam said...

Yeah, that's mine.