Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thursdays are good days for me. I have the 5-6pm hour for spending time with Our Lord in Adoration. After about 10-15 minutes I'm the only one left in the church. If I can unwind and quiet myself enough the silence inside and out is truly God sent.
This week was no different.
Then, H and I have the 6-7pm hour on First Friday, at All Saints Church, Somers. This week we recieved a call on Wed. night asking if we could fill in for the 1-2am slot also.
We accepted the invitation, without hesitation.
We've always wanted to to an overnight slot, and it was beautiful.. We read the Office provided for us, which took the whole hour, and I mentioned that I did'nt think that was right, I thought we read too much. We'll get it right.
Then, up at 5:30am for Rosary at the church before Reposition, then First Saturday Mass. All beautiful, beautiful. And to do it with my companion through life, my wife H.


Sr Roberta Boyer, O. Cist said...

Kam, thank you for your comment. I just glanced at your previous posts and I would say that your life has made a big turn-around. God bless you and H for your efforts to come closer to the Lord through adoration. Say a little one for me next time you are there with Jesu.

Do Not Be Anxious said...

I do three hours a week at my parish, (which has 24/7); two Saturday midnight, and one Tuesday midnight. I also stay after 6:30A mass for a few minutes -- that parish has adoration between the 6:30A and 8A masses. Best hours of my day, and during which much of my own blog writing comes -- or rather, His writing, I'm just a scribe. But I feel so close to Him in creating words which I believe He originated.