Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lenten Journey

I will be with you Lord, today as I fast.
It is a way for me to stay with You
for just one hour.
Wednesdays' fast prepares me for Fridays'
and I keep Your Cross before me,
for without the Cross I'd let slip away
the gifts I receive
when I fast for You.

Oh Blessed Mother!
These days are dark but filled with light.
I ask for Your strength, to help me on this Journey.
I'm following Him but the road is rough,
I'm pulled from side to side.
Narrow is the path He walks
but He is bright and lights the way.

1 comment:

Daily Grace said...

It's so true that without the cross we would slip away; it is a centering peace.

Your prayer is beautiful, I can visualize a dark pathway with a warm glimmering light just down the way a bit, guiding and leading, just like the Blessed Mother.

God bless