Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Just letting off some steam...

So let me see if I've got this straight, because I profess, I can't and I won't follow along on my i phone and my computer every bit of news that crops up. 99% of it is worthless to me. But the combination of President Trump-bashing and the stupidity of both the liberal-thinking-modernist-believing people AND clergy of the world concerning this immigration policy bull crap has really bothered me.  Let me get this straight: A family of husband and wife with their x amount of children arrives at the border of the US and Mexico.  He has all the paperwork required of him to make a proper border crossing to either visit the US or to eventually become citizens here. The Trump administration decides that the best thing for this family is to separate the parents from the children and throw the children into cages.  No?  I've got it all wrong?  Well, I just watched a spot of news last night and this is exactly what I got out of that report. Wait a minute, you say, no one in their right mind would do something like that, separate families that have all of their proper paperwork.  And you know what, I think your right. But the media that is filling our heads with news, the news they choose and choose how to present it would have you think just that.  There are laws, people, and they are not all that complicated. I won't post the links because one never knows what is attached to them, but if you want to read the laws start by going to something like usa.gov.  It appears one has to be pretty dastardly to not be able to enter the US one way or another.  What we are seeing on the news about separating families is, in my opinion, b*&##**, all to discredit our Administration.  All to secretly promote globalism and open borders and the coming of the one world government. (oh well, I said it). You liberals and modernists, get your head out of your butts and do your homework. If any children are getting separated from their parents and families there is probably a very good reason.  I'm not saying everything is perfect down at the border but just think for a moment about the false narrative that comes from the media and to pray for God's mercy, and that He send much needed enlightenment upon our world. 

Pray for an Intervention from On High.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018


Our dog died, back on January 10. We didn't tell that many people but with the internet, word gets around and condolences were given and received. 
Sixteen years.
Sixteen years we had that girl, that's a lot of years of one's life, all of her life, really, and when that person, or dog, that love of ones' life is gone, that's a big hole, a hole that will never be filled.
One starts to think about mortality, our own and others. 

I will miss her, that little nipper. Her name was Faith, and we buried her in the semi-frozen ground out back by the garden. I can see her make-shift headstone that Helen stuck in the ground from my rocker in the kitchen. I still get choked up every time I gaze upon it. 

And that's how it should be, at least for me. 

In a small way she reminds me of my humanity, about unconditional love with no strings attached. If I could love the world half as much as she loved me, I would be a much better man. 

Goodbye again, Faith. I'm hoping God has a special place for our close animal friends that we had here on earth, and perhaps once again I can clip on her leash and take her for another walk around the yard, like we did, every morning.