Thursday, February 04, 2010

Todays Gospel

Today, one of my favorite Gospel readings; Mark 6:7-13. I'm willing to bet this was one of St. Francis' faves too. I remember reading in the Omnibus how Francis was so excited when there were enough Brothers to send out to different lands on preaching missions and how excited he was when some didn't come back! I couldn't help but try to compare (well, not compare, wrong choice of words!) but how we are first called to the Lord and then he sends us out, sometimes two by two to preach, (my wife and I) usually by example, to our family, our friends, our co-workers, everyone who touches our lives. And like the early Franciscan brothers some of us come back and some do not, not necessarily because of physical death but spiritual death. For some of us the Narrow Way is maybe too difficult, and for whatever reasons some fall away or grow quiet. We don't know why. I know a lot of people who have grown quiet over the years, accepting the road they're on to be the one for them, the path that will lead them to Him. I grow sad even now thinking about them, close friends and family members that I've had a hard time reaching as I'm traveling on my road, my journey for Him. Even though I own a home and cars and all the "stuff" that goes along with this life when I'm representing Him it is only me, -no food, no sack no money in my belt-trying to preach by example and sometimes using words.


Daily Grace said...

I think you are right saying that this is probably one of St.Francis' faves.

As I read your lines that say some do not come back because of spriritual death, I am reminded of the parable about the seed that was sown; some seed scattered on the surface and the birds came and ate it, some seed fell onto the rock and could not grow. But then there was the seed that was sown in fertile soil and the rain and the sun nurtured it and it continued to grow. I would like to hope that I will make the fertile soil, I never want to stop growing or grow silent.

It always seems like the ones closes to us, like family or friends are the hardest to reach, however.I always wonder if they expect more from us or maybe it is us that expect more from them...I don't know.

God bless you and yours as you continue the journey, two by two.

This was another beautiful reflection.

Anne said...

Wonderful reflection. I think that what is hardest about preaching by example without words, is that we may never get the feedback, the results of what we've done. It takes a leap of faith, hope and trust to know that our best efforts make a difference in others lives.