Monday, October 11, 2010

An uncalled for whine...

So it's Monday morning, I'm not feeling so hot, I'm still not unwound even from work last week and I'm back here already, I'm sore all over from working with Helen on the way overgrown hedgerow at the farm, etc, etc, etc, I'm whining inside, sort of. Break time comes, I start my readings. Then, from Medjugorje Day By Day:

Dear children, this evening I especially call you
to perseverance in trials. Reflect on how the Almighty is
still suffering today on account of your sins. So
when sufferings come, offer them up as a sacrifice to God.
(Weekly Message, 3-29-84)

How often, for me, do answers come unlooked for from the Hand of the Almighty? He is behind all. Let me say, I'm not suffering. I'm just whining, whining about a Monday. But I was brought about quickly, realizing that I have much much more than most people and nothing to complain about, ever. I will offer them up as a sacrifice to God, as I keep my gaze on the Cross.


Do Not Be Anxious said...

Thanks for taking the time to write, KAM, what I usually do not, how much my morning readings speak to me. This morning I also posted from mine, not only because it spoke to me of my blessings bit also because at the coffee shop the business men of the community got up to go out and tour a new house being constructed by one of them --- 19,000 sq.ft. They looked puzzled that I was not interested in seeing also.

kam said...

If something that size isn't being used to house the elderly or the homeless or a group in that same vein, I wouldn't be interested either...jeez...

Simply put, lately God has been speaking to me by way of Sacred Scripture, other spiritual writings or people. For me, the veil was lifted, just a tiny bit. He's showing me something, for me to do His Will. Believe me, I just stumble along, but I've learned to keep my eyes and ears open.

Thanks for stopping by.

Daily Grace said...

I just came back from Adoration, while I was there I brought Him my troubles and asked for some help.

I think I just got my answer, "Be grateful".

Thank you

Julie Cragon said...

I love it when the right things are sent so directly. I want to joke around and say "warm up them bones Kam, there's more work to do" but I don't know you that well yet. So, I'll stick with "I too just stumble along". Thanks for the post. I needed some words on perseverance in trials.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for all your posts which are a constant source of mediation. You sure help all us whinners remember how beloved we are! Thanks also for your kind words when I post.

Fr. Joseph