Friday, October 01, 2010

The Little Flower

"You know that our Lord does not look at the greatness or the difficulty of an action but at the love with which you do it. What then have you to fear?" - ST. Therese of Lisieux

This weekend is a busy one for us. First Friday Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament tonight, Nocturnal Adoration later from 1-2 am, our Knights of Columbus Pig Roast tomorrow after the 4:00 Mass, the Installation Ceremony for our new Pastor, Fr. Tom takes place during the 11:15 Mass Sunday, and to end the weekend, since we're a Franciscan parish, we celebrate the Transitus of St. Francis Sunday night at 7:00. Whew. The only reason I bore you all with this inane list of stuff has to do with the beautiful quote from St. Therese. She didn't care what she was doing, whether it was scrubbing the privy floor or washing the linens used in Mass. She performed all chores, and I'm sure all actions with the intent of doing them for our Lord. Think about that. To be in that frame of mind always, in what amounts to constant prayer, that elusive state we all seek on our journeys. I have many chores to do this weekend, some I love to do and some, well, not so loved. But the Little Flower reminds us, reminds me to do them all with love, with kindness and with sincerity. A few days ago I was blessed by God to be able to help a friend of ours just by cleaning up some leaves. She was so thankful and for me, it was only a small task. I learned something that day I'd always known, but kept hidden behind that wall; God is love, and if we seek and find Him, we find his love. Help me Lord and be with me these next few days, help me to do my best, to show Your Face, not mine, to everyone I meet.


Julie Cragon said...

I'm headed to Maggie Valley to set up shop for a priest retreat and to sit in a room and wait between talks. As I wait, I'll be working on my writing and I will be using your line of prayer at the end of this post if that is okay with you. It's perfect for me. Thank you.

kam said...

But of course! Non of these words are mine, so they must be the Lords! Thank you for your kind words and all the best on your retreat. k

breadgirl said...

Good Morning Kam

I am just calling in to wish you a very Happy Feast of ST Francis. I hope your day will be blessed with much joy.

God bless you.

Daily Grace said...

Nice reflection. Happy Feast Day!

kam said...

Yes, Happy Feast Day! I'm still reflecting on the last couple of days, especially last night at the Transitus. How can one do justice with Francis? It's like trying to write about Christmas. Thank you both for dropping in and your kind words.