Monday, January 25, 2010

Conversion Reflection

What more can I add to the already fine posts I've read today about one of the greatest stories in the Bible, the conversion of Saul? Nothing, really, but I will say this; I can see a bit of Saul in me, not so much now, but from a long time ago and that period in my life lasted for most of it until now. Although I never had anyone dragged away in chains I still, in my way persecuted them, verbally mostly, but in those acts I'm sure I inflicted damage on untold peoples lives that I'll never know. Someday I'll have to spend a considerable amount of time in prayer about my actions and even as I write this more and more events of my past life percolate upward. The type of actions that are only burnt away in purgatory. ...what you have done to the least of my brothers... To say we are human is not enough, it is no excuse at all. It's only a way to avoid the narrow gate, the Way of Life. He said to me "Go deeper," and I asked him, what do you mean, Lord, what do you want me to do?

In this reflection at least one path has been made clear to me.


Anne said...

I suppose we all have a bit of Saul in us, even among our fellow Christians. Thank God that conversions never really end, we are always converting and drawing closer to God each day. God bless you!

Daily Grace said...

I have to agree with Anne, conversion is an on going experience. I shutter to think of all the people I have injured in my life through thougth, word and deed.

It was the Divine Mercy of love that called Saul to conversion and even as he became Paul he said"why do I continue to do the things I hate". This is familar to me because I say it often.

God bless you and yours;this is another beautiful reflection.

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