Monday, November 02, 2009

A busy but pleasurable week coming up, the only dark cloud being the Knights of Columbus Dinner Meeting tomorrow night. Being the Grand Knight is not what I wanted, but I have it, so be it. I worry too much about everything, and no matter how much I delegate I always feel that it all rests on me, which it sort of does. (Ignore me, just complaining.)
Helen heads off to Haiti next week for ten days, doing mission work with The Little Children of Mary. Exciting time for her and me, well, C and I will hold down the fort, pray for a successful trip and every ones' safe return.


the booklady said...


You sound like me! ☺ I don't like 'being in charge' either; I worry and plan and all the while wish I could be more in the background instead of out there in front leading/running things. Glad things went okay! Hopefully you've learned to tell yourself what I do, 'When you say “Yes” to God, He’ll either give you wings to fly or catch you when you fall.'

KAM said...

Yeah, things went well, but I don't tink I've learned anything, even though I know God is there, it's the letting go that I have a hard time doing. I fool myself all the time, thinking I'm one thing when I'm really not. Understand? The one thing that God has presented before me and I have SEEN, is that constant prayer and when you can get it, quiet time are essential in ones' life. Without being 'hooked' into the Lord at all times, well, for me, the day tends to lose it's glow, its realness.