Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So this is the latest with Helen; Blood tests confirm no H1N1, no stomach ailment that is known, not even an allergic reaction to the chloroquine. She could still have malaria, even though she took pills to not get it, or it could be a virus, which will just have to work its way out, or who knows. More blood tests on Friday to see if her red and white blood cell count goes up. Right now both are way down, which leaves her very susceptible to any infection. So the two of us are just going to hang low for Thanksgiving. Today she was up for most of the day, hungry as heck but a tuna fish sandwich finally did her in and she's nauseous again. Keep her in your prayers that the Doctors either figure it out or it finally works its way away.


christopher said...

Nasty business indeed, KAM, sorry to hear it. I'll certainly keep her in my prayers. God bless you both.

Anne said...

I'm sorry that Helen is sick and will pray for a speedy recovery for her!

KAM said...

Thank you both. Every day brings her strength back a little bit more. Friday more specific blood tests. Blessed Virgin Mother wrap that mantle 'round her!