Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Before I get too far with anything, I must thank the Lord. I don't know of any good way to say it, and saying it really means nothing. I can only thank the Lord by putting on that suit of armor that is Christ, and bring him with me everywhere I go, to help me with every thought I think and with everyone I meet. I forget, His love I drive from my immediate thought sometimes so easily, and I become a whining boy, (yes, a whining boy!) feeling sorry for myself when all around me wonderful things are happening, beautiful Christ-filled people are making the world move, keeping it spinning in place instead of flying off, and I'm a whining boy. Thank you, Lord for the three eye-opening moments these last few days, first with H, then with a pancake and finally with words from the Gospel, written by St. Paul and uttered by a priest. Thank you for planting my feet firmly here on the ground with my eyes turned heavenward, remembering the Cross.

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