Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Lord, I thank you for the gift of the darkness, for helping me to appreciate the gift of Your Light.

             (219 hours without power)


Do Not Be Anxious said...

I'm just catching up on my reading this day. I hope you have since seen the light.

If not, may the force (and lights) be with you!

(and Happy Thanksgiving)

Daily Grace said...

Christ be our light, be our hope, be our joy during this Advent season and forever.

kam said...

This small post was my final thought on the 9 days we had no power, running water, phone, etc at the beginning of last month when CT got hammered by the Nor'easter. Even the shop was closed for the week, so, no work. It was hard, especially going into the 2nd weekend, but you just have to keep telling yourself that even without all the, what we call basics, we were still surviving better than probably half the world. In my life I have personal trials but to have your life thrown out of wack for more than a few hours, or at worst, a day or two, I had to thank God for letting me experience that dark time, dark in so many different ways, in order to truly see His Light.