Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It has been a while since I've posted, and although a lot has happened, I've come to an impasse as to whether any of it is worth blogging about. My life just isn't exciting enough to warrant constant blogging. I'm boring!

Well, I'm writing now, that means something... Plenty of great things have happened since June 23, and I'm finally formulating them in my mind, which is a good thing. I seem to go through periods of non-speak, or better yet non-blog. Maybe I'm coming out of that now.


Tausign said...

Hello RB50,
May the Lord give you peace.

Quiet times may be more fruitful than we think. I was blogging reflections regularly for quite a time and then had a complete block...just haven't been able to put a coherent thought in writing.

But blogging is a fine form of journaling and reflecting. Don't force it...just be honest. Peace and all good.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I call those quiet times periods of marination. We all need to marinate, in order for our thoughts to be tenderized.

Similarly, students acquiring some new skill need marination time, too. I teach foreign language classes (well, used to teach them; now I supervise teachers), and occasionally a student in an intensive program had to leave for a family emergency or work assignment. They have always wanted to take their books with them, and I have always refused to give them any extra materials to take. I want that marination time for them. When they return, their skills seem rusty at first, but only because they are no longer on the surface, but deep. In a week or so, not only are they back on track but also much of what was painfully deliberate is now easily automatic. It marinated!

I am all for letting thoughts marinate before blogging them!

KAM said...

Thank you so much for your comments. Sorry I took so long to get back. I enjoy more the reading of other peoples blogs much more than writing in my own! (Which is mostly what I've been doing lately.) I has been a quiet time for me, and I think part of that is I'm on unfamiliar footing, and thus i have been treading cautiously. In June I was elected Grand Knight for our Council, a position I did not want but felt then (and still do now, I think!) that Our Lord had asked me, through all of my Brother Knights and others to say yes to that position. Being a Secular Franciscan in formation (Profession: Oct. '09, God willing), it's hard for me to be in a position of authority. It makes me uncomfortable. I do it at work but I don't really have the heart for it anymore. Whatever. (keith, stop complaining!) The crux is, I've been trying to deal with this new responsibility, to my Church, my Council, the SFO, my family, and, well, it's not overwhelming, but close. I've just been listening inside for guidance while listening outside for, well, the same thing, guidance! It's all coming together slowly, but so many issues to deal with! So many different people and personalities! More later, work calls. Peace.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Kam, read a book called Servant Leadership but Kent Keith. It may change your mind about being a leader. I have been a leader for many years, and I try to use this approach. It puts people first, like Jesus washing feet. If, as a leader, you do the equivalent of foot-washing, leadership can be rewarding for everyone, and God can use you for many good things. Think of it as facilitating things for God, and include God in your work. I think you may start to enjoy being a leader. (I am a Secular Franciscan candidate, too, but you much closer to professing than I am. I think secular Franciscans can be good leaders; you just need to lead with love--something I blogged about a couple of weeks ago if you want to track it down.)

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