Monday, June 01, 2009

Busy time

What a whirlwind last few days, and tonight more stuff is happenning. At 7:00pm is our first evening Rosary, lead by me. I'm a little nervous, but not much. I feel the guiding hand of Our Virgin Mother with me. I can only hope that people will respond, even just out of curiosity. We will see.
Yesterday we had a small graduation party for Odin and Celena. My parents were there, along with my brother, sister and parts of their families, an aunt, an uncle, friends, etc. Some of Odins buds were able to make it, but most of Celena's friends were working. She took it all in stride, though. O had a great time. Good to see faces and hear laughter from all the relations and friends. Even Father D showed up! What a wonderful blessing for us.

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