Friday, May 21, 2010

Everything for God

Upon reflection...
On a previous post I explained about the Facebook message and my cleaning of the toilets and how lives can go in different directions. It may have seemed as though I was whining about my lot in life but I really wasn't, but perhaps I was. I let a bit of 'the worlds thinking' to infiltrate mine, and my thoughts towards God. To stay completely on the path to God one has to forget about everything that goes on in the world, to die to the world, at least the things that influence our thinking. I have to put everything into God's perspective, no matter if it's attending a meeting, at Mass, eating, sleeping or cleaning toilets. Everything I just mentioned is a gift from God, He is in control! My life would be much better off if I just kept that in mind.

Oh God, my God,
when I seem to abandon you,
reach out to me, in Your own way,
to turn my soul from darker things
and bring me back into Your light...


Daily Grace said...

Your prayer is really beautiful! How often do we(I) abandon Him? I hate to wonder just how many times I have done that.


Anne said...

Wonderful prayer KAM! You clearly listen well to the Lord, regardless of your outer activity!