Wednesday, April 21, 2010 plan of God...

As the Blessed Virgin Mother speaks, from 'Medjugorje Day by Day' -

Heed the call to fasting because by fasting you will
ensure that the total plan of God here in Medjugorje
will be fulfilled. This will give me great joy.

As you know, Helen and I fast every Wednesday and Friday, on bread and water. Not bread and water in the strictest sense, but for me modified. The water is also coffee, and the bread (toast) will have Smart Balance and sometimes peanut butter. At night the bread can become pizza dough with a little cheese on it. Helen is much stronger, more focused than I am. I am a worm! I do it, but I struggle. It is a hard, physical thing that affects your body. You know about it. You can feel it, and for me, by the end of the day, I'm uncomfortable. All that said, on another level, apart from the physical is the mental, and that is where the real battle is waged, on so so many levels. Satan attacks us constantly, although some of us don't even know it. For those who have heeded the call from Mary, Our Mother, to fast, pray and say the Rosary the presence of the evil one is very real. For most, just a subtle touch from him is enough to turn a good person from a worthy life to one of faded light, which the rejection of God's word is. Pornography, lust, abortion, drugs, lying, the world around us is rampant with these and more vices, and satan rules them all. Jesus defeated satan at His Resurrection, but the evil one still prowls here. And for those who walk the Narrow Road his lies and deceptions ring loud in our ears every day. We hear and feel him, for he wants us not to listen to Her, the one who gave birth to the Son of God. She who was sent back to us by God to awaken the ones who still sleep, who have not responded to God's Word, which is Jesus Christ. That's why we must ignore satan, ignore the world if we have to, walk with head lowered if we must, and believe in the total plan of God, that is taking place not just in Medjugorje but around the world. If Our Lady calls us to fast then we must, even if we don't understand why. Fasting is not easy, but if one soul can be saved by my joining in heart, mind and soul, with Our Mother and Her Son, then I'm in it for the long haul. Months and months ago, at Adoration, I heard the words "Go Deeper", and I thought I understood those words. But God's ways are mysterious, and what I thought then is not what I know now. When I consecrated to Jesus, I put myself in His hands, and He does with me as He wills. Most times I forget He's even there, my worldly thinking shutting Him out. But He is patient, He waits for me to come around.

O Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!
Be with me today as I search through the darkness
for the Light that is you, waiting there for me.


Daily Grace said...

"Heed the call to fasting because by fasting you will
ensure that the total plan of God here in Medjugorje
will be fulfilled. This will give me great joy."

When I read this this morning in my Day by Day I thought of you and your wife and the example that your fasting has done for me...the encouragement helps keep me strong.

You are right when you mention the darkness in the world. As St. Louis de Montfort refers to it "the spirit of the world" as opposed to "the Spirt of Christ."

Our Lady tells us over and over again that certian spirits can only be defeated by fasting, I believe her and so I fast too.

Pope B16 tells us " The fiat of Mary, the word of her heart, has changed the hisorty of the world, because it brought the Savior into the world-because thanks to her YES, God could become man in our world and remains so for all time."

Fasting is nothing most of us look forward to and when I was in Medjugorje on Wednesdays and Fridays a lot of the pilgrims had coffee with their water :) and I also saw a jar of peanut butter or two :)!

You aren't a worm, you are a warrior, part of the "Total Plan"

Hey, you both helped me. I had a slice of bread and a cup of herb tea today...It was you and H's positive influence that encourage me!!!

Stay on the narrow path, it gets tuff but that's okay.It is worth it!

Your prayer is great by the way.

~Focus on the SONSHINE~

KAM said...

Thanks for your comments, D.G., always appreciated. We (I!) forget sometimes just what the implications of her "Yes" was, the bringing of Jesus Christ into the world. That is a mystery that one could contemplate forever. Thanks for the food for thought.

We all seem to fast in different ways, but I feel that if it's not uncomfortable, it (the fast) is not worth it. We've(me, my wife, you) have placed ourselves in Her hands, for Her to present us to Her Son for Him to do His will with us. Yesterday we fasted. Today we feast! We live in Gods' love one day at a time. Peace!